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Musical Theatre is designed for those performers who desire to be "the triple threat." The department includes acting, singing and dancing techniques for all ages, and the coordination within oneself to do all three techniques successfully at once. Within each class, instruction in both historic and popular (age appropriate) musicals is taught. The end result is to have a trained performer ready to audition for OCSA, or any college Musical Theatre program.

Our Hip Hop classes include rhythm exercises and choreography using the latest urban music and dance moves. The focus is on technique, movement, performance, musicality and phrasing to help students embody this art form. Our professional instructors emphasize how the body adapts to Hip Hop movement, the history of Hip Hop, the performance qualities of Hip Hop dance, and the musical aspects of Hip Hop culture. In our intermediate and advanced levels, the students develop skills to create their own choreography and gain confidence and skills to freestyle.

The varieties of jazz dance reflect the diversity of American culture. Jazz dance has been a reflection of the social history of the American people, by showcasing ethnic influences, historic events, and cultural changes through movement. Jazz dance has also always been greatly influenced by social dance and popular music.

Within our Jazz classes we will explore traditional, Broadway, commercial and contemporary techniques in a fun, energetic atmosphere. Classes begin with a warm-up with stressing proper alignment, flexibility, coordination and strength, followed by progressions across the floor, center work and combinations. Development of patterns of muscular coordination and awareness of the body's center will be featured prominently as dancers learn to demonstrate dynamic body positions and execute turns, jumps and leaps.

Tumbling is an exciting discipline that incorporates balance, strength, flexibility, and coordination. The types of exercises may include lots of jumping, somersaults, handstands and flips. We have a great tumbling room equipped with a large trampoline, a tumbling floor and mats. Our Certified Acrobatic Arts instructors teach tumbling skills with Olympic standards. SCC students excel quickly through positive encouragement, effective training, and self discipline, becoming “strong, happy, healthy kids”.

Tap dance is characterized by using the metal at the bottom of the toe and heel of tap shoes to strike the floor in different patterns. By doing this the dancer creates rhythms and phrases with the sound coming from their shoes. An experienced tap dancer becomes not only a dancer but also a percussionist/musician at the same time. There are two major variations in the field of tap dancing: Rhythm Tap and Broadway Tap. Broadway focuses more on the placement of the upper body and is much more theatrical in its performance style. (We focus on this tap dancing technique in our new EA Musical Theater program.) Rhythm focuses more on musicality, improvisation and intricate footwork patterns. (We focus mainly on this technique in our Academy and EA tap classes.)

Ballet is a beautiful and precise discipline that requires dedication and passion. It is often considered the foundation for all dancers to become well-rounded performers. Our expert instructors focus on the Vaganova method for the majority of our classes. Cecchetti and Balanchine methods are also used to give dancers a larger perspective of the ballet world. Our emphasis is on the rigorous physicality required for correct posture and alignment, leg rotation and extension, and overall control of the body. Using ballet terminology, spoken in French, students are taught coordination, rhythmic awareness, and strengthening exercises. Our dancers eventually learn pre-pointe material to prepare them to dance “en pointe” or on their toes using special ballet shoes. Pointe shoes are constructed to support the foot while dancing “en pointe”.