ADULT AERIAL SILKS - A beautiful combination of circus and dance. Sophisticated and elegant, the combination of strength, flexibility and artistry will get you floating on air while toning the entire body.

ADULT BALLET - A Vaganova based class designed for adults to achieve their goals in full body alignment, strength, grace and mental dexterity.

ADULT TAP -  A class with tap fundamentals set to fantastic music that energizes the body and connects the musicality of percussive movement.

ADULT HIP HOP- A combination of all hip hop styles in a fun and high energy environment with encouraging teachers and great people.

PILATES - A mat class that cross trains your entire body, building strength and balance without bulking your body lines. Great for dancers!

ZUMBA® - Get fit but feel like you just went out dancing with friends!  Latin based music and movement that make you feel great.

YOGA - Happy clients learn how to make changes in posture and balance with both mind, spirit and body connection.

BOLLY X - Dance to the beat of popular Bollywood music. This class will challenge any fitness enthusiast. Trim your lower body and have fun.


BALLET -Leotard with skirt or cover pants, classical pink convertible tights, pink ballet shoes, and hair in bun.

TAP - Shirt or tank, black shorts or sweats, lace up tap shoes.

HIP HOP- Fitted shirt or tank, black shorts or sweats, sneakers, socks.

PILATES/YOGA - Fitted workout clothing, bare feet, and pilates mat.

ZUMBA®/BOLLYX - Comfortable workout clothing, sneakers, socks.

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