Ballet is a beautiful and precise discipline that requires dedication and passion. It is often considered the foundation for all dancers to become well-rounded performers.

Our expert instructors focus on the Vaganova method for the majority of our classes. Cecchetti and Balanchine methods are also used to give dancers a larger perspective of the ballet world. Our emphasis is on the rigorous physicality required for correct posture and alignment, leg rotation and extension, and overall control of the body.

Using ballet terminology, spoken in French, students are taught coordination, rhythmic awareness, and strengthening exercises. Our dancers eventually learn pre-pointe material to prepare them to dance “en pointe” or on their toes using special ballet shoes. Pointe shoes are constructed to support the foot while dancing “en pointe”.

SCC expands upon this eight-levels system of training to include a specially designed Preparatory Program for students ages approximately 3-9 to fully prepare them for entrance into the levels of the Vaganova method curriculum in the Pre-Professional Division. As a professional trade school, students progress through the eight levels of Vaganova training and graduate at the age of 18, fully prepared to join professional companies or college dance programs.

The Vaganova Method

Developed in Russia over the course of 300 years, embodies the classicism of the Russian Imperial Ballet (now known as the Kirov or Mariinsky Ballet). Its goal is the creation of classical ballet dancers who are instruments of artistic and creative perfection. Derived from earlier Italian and French forms of ballet instruction, the Vaganova (Vah-GAH-no-vah) method used by instructors of the Ballet Conservatory provides students with a structured, scientific and methodological approach to dance which takes the human anatomy into consideration. Hallmarks of the Vaganova system are the continual flow of the body with the coordination of arm and head positions. The Ballet Conservatory prides itself on providing students with the best professional ballet training available and made possible by employing a systematic and consecutive method of instruction.


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