Use the tabs below to see class assignments for Casts A-E.


 Gaga  Gaga
 Geeks  Island Vibes
 Bust Your Knew  Another One Bites The Dust
 Fluffy Unicorns  Pure Imagination
 Skurt Skurt  Why
 Beautiful Thing  Slay
 I Can Do That  America
 Can't Petend  Smooth Criminal
 Solo/ Duo / Trios  Solo/ Duo / Trios



 Pride Rock Zebras  CC 2 Jazz (Ashley, Melanie)
 Circle of Life  Combo 3 Ballet Tues. 9:30 LN (Ali)
 Grassland  Jazz 2/3 Monday 7:30 SC (Spencer)
 Zazu's Birds (Show 1)  Combo 2 Tap Wed. 9:30 SC (Dawn)
 Zazu's Birds (Show 2)  Combo 2 Tap Mon. 9:30 LN (Dawn)
 Morning Report  Beginning Jazz Mon. 6:30 SC (Spencer)
 Lioness  CC 5 Cont/Hip Hop (Brandon)
 Can't Wait To Be King (Show 1)  Combo 1 and 2 Sat 8:30 & 9:30 LN (Nyquita)
 Can't Wait To Be King (Show 2)  Combo 2 Friday 3:30 SC (Renee)
 Simba's Squad - Group 1  Pre Hip Hop Tues. 4:30 SC (Brandon)
 Simba's Squad - Group 2  Pre Hip Hop Fri. 4:30 SC (Emi)
 Be Prepared  Beginning Tap Mon. 4:30 SC (Jackie)
 They Live In You Beginning Ballet Mon. 5:30 SC (Jena) & Beginning Ballet Fri 4:30 SC (Renee)
 Stampede - Zebras   CC 2 Tap (Sarah Gabb)
 Stampede - Wildabeasts  CC 5 Tap (Sarah Gabb)
 Lion Sleeps Tonight  Combo 3 Thurs. 3:30 LN (Marji)
 Hakuna Matata Younger (Show 1)  Combo 1 Mon. 10:30 LN (Dawn)
 Hakuna Matata Younger (Show 2)  Combo 1 Wed. 10:30 SC (Dawn)
 Hakuna Matata Older  Song and Dance Sat. 11:00 LN (Melanie)
 Can You Feel the Love - Tiny Dancer   Tiny Dancer Thur. 10:30 LN (Marji)
 Can You Feel the Love - Tiny Dancer (Show 2)  Tiny Dancer Thurs. 10:30 SC (Jackie)
 Can You Feel the Love - Pre-Ballet  Pre Ballet Mon. 4:30 SC (Melanie)
 He Lives In You - Lioness  CC 5 Tumbling/Contemporary (Amanda)
 Scar's Crew  Beginning Hip Hop Fri. 3:30 SC & Thur 3:30 LN (Emi)
 Simba's Crew  Hip Hop 1 Fri. 5:30 SC (Emi)
 King of Pride Rock/Finale - Zebras  CC 2 Tumbling/Lyrical (Sarah G)