Use the tabs below to see class assignments for Casts A-E.


 Gaga  Beautiful Thing
 Geeks  Tumbling Lights
 Dark Forest  Another One Bites The Dust
 Skurt Skurt  Why
 Lost  Slay
 I Can Do That  Rocket Man
 Midnight  America
 Bust Your Knee Caps  Tap God
 The Fool You Need  You Are The Reason
 Fluffy Unicorns Dancing On   Rainbows  Island Vibes
 Laurencia  Fitz
 Smooth Criminal  Pure Imagination
 Oceans & Pearls  Gaga
 Can't Pretend



 Pride Rock Zebras  CC 2 Jazz (Ashley, Melanie)
 Circle of Life  Combo 3 Ballet Tues. 9:30 LN (Ali)
 Grassland  Jazz 2/3 Monday 7:30 SC (Spencer)
 Zazu's Birds (Show 1)  no assignment
 Zazu's Birds (Show 2)  Combo 2 Tap Mon. 9:30 LN &  Wed. 9:30 SC (Dawn)
 Morning Report  Beginning Jazz Mon. 6:30 SC  (Spencer)
 Lioness  CC 5 Cont/Hip Hop (Brandon)
 Can't Wait To Be King (Show 1)  Combo 1 and 2 Sat 8:30 & 9:30 LN (Nyquita)
 Can't Wait To Be King (Show 2)  Combo 2 Friday 3:30 SC (Renee)
 Simba's Squad - Group 1  Pre Hip Hop Tues. 4:30 SC (Brandon)
 Simba's Squad - Group 2  Pre Hip Hop Fri. 4:30 SC (Emi)
 Be Prepared  Beginning Tap Mon. 4:30 SC (Jackie)
 They Live In You  Beginning Ballet Mon. 5:30 SC (Melanie)
 Stampede - Zebras   CC 2 Tap (Sarah Gabb)
 Stampede - Wildabeasts  CC 5 Tap (Sarah Gabb)
 Lion Sleeps Tonight  Combo 3 Thurs. 3:30 LN (Marji)
 Hakuna Matata Younger (Show 1)  Combo 1 Mon. 10:30 LN (Dawn) & Combo 1 Wed. 10:30 SC (Dawn)
 Hakuna Matata Younger (Show 2)  Combo 1 Mon. 10:30 LN (Dawn) & Combo 1 Wed. 10:30 SC (Dawn)
 Hakuna Matata Older  Song and Dance Sat. 11:00 LN (Melanie)
 Can You Feel the Love   TA Dance
Can You Feel Pas De Deux  Brandan and Karina
 Can You Feel the Love - Pre-Ballet  Pre Ballet Mon. 4:30 SC (Melanie)
 He Lives In You - Lioness  CC 5 Tumbling/Contemporary (Amanda)
 Scar's Crew  Beginning Hip Hop Fri. 3:30 SC & Thur 3:30 LN (Emi)
 Simba's Crew  TA Dance
 King of Pride Rock/Finale - Zebras  CC 2 Tumbling/Lyrical (Sarah Sanders)
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