Main Instructor & Branch Chief: Sensei Yusuke Tokashiki, 4th dan

Sensei Tokashiki has been studying karate for more than 28 years and has been teaching for more than 22 years. He has taught at Enshin branches in New York, New Jersey and Irvine, CA. He is an enthusiastic karate practitioner and is always eager to share the sprit of martial arts especially with local non-Japanese people in the area. Sensei Tokashiki is a Japanese native and a United States citizen.

What do students learn at our school?

We focus on the pursuit of strength for both body and mind. We strive to develop as persons strong enough to be able to care for the people who we love, and contribute to our community.

What we pursue and intend to share with students at our school are said in our school oath as follows:

We will always be courteous and show respect to others. We will strive to do our best and pursue it with patience. We will develop mind and body to enhance the spirit. We will always keep an open heart and mind. We will accept the spirit of challenge. We will always follow the meaning of Enshin in both our training and daily life.

What are classes like?

For children, ages 4-6, our focus in the class is let all children to be confident in him/herself and to show respect to others, #1 of our school oath. We want all the children to be able to say “hello” and “thank you” very clearly within a month of the start of their training.

For children, age 7-13, we ask them to go to the next level. We really want them to learn “Never Give UP Spirit” which is said both in Japanese samurai and American frontier spirits. Children have tremendous potential as long as they keep a strong spirit to achieve. We want to help to them create a foundation of this strong spirit.

For women who are interested in learning martial arts, we are sure that all the female students will enjoy the uniqueness of our style. It’s very practical and we don’t require any sparring until they are ready for it.

For male adults, we try to pursue higher strength for body and mind through our method of training. If you want to be a future tournament fighter, we will have a special program made for you.

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International Enshin Karate Organization

Enshin KarateThe Meaning of the word “Enshin” in Japanese is circle and center. A circular motion/movement is our understanding of and our approach to life; from the beginning to the end, we start over again like a circle that is our martial arts technique. Enshin Karate Organization was founded more than 23 years ago (Headquartered in Denver, CO) by Kancho (Grand Master) Joko Ninomiya. Grand Master Joko Ninomiya was all Japan Champion in 1978. He is one of the most foremost karate men in Japanese karate history, well known as a legendary phenomenon. The organization has more than 4,000 members around the world including United States, Europe, Japan and other Asian countries. Our Mission Viejo Dojo is the 2nd branch in the Southern California.

What is “Sabaki”?

Sabaki ChallengeA primary focus of Enshin Karate is to learn the fighting method called “Sabaki” which means: Taking side position or back (blind spot “shikaku”) of your opponent to be able to control the fight, Using the momentum of opponent’s attack for counter attacks. In addition to blocking, punching and kicking technique which consists of the base of martial arts movement, we learn many different practical throwing and sweeping techniques as well. Compared to other styles, it is very unique and different style of karate.