Hip Hop

Our Hip Hop classes include rhythm exercises and choreography using the latest urban music and dance moves. The focus is on technique, movement, performance, musicality and phrasing to help students embody this art form. 

Our professional instructors emphasize how the body adapts to Hip Hop movement, the history of Hip Hop, the performance qualities of Hip Hop dance, and the musical aspects of Hip Hop culture. 

In our intermediate and advanced levels, the students develop skills to create their own choreography and gain confidence and skills to freestyle.

Level Descriptions

Beginning, Level 1 and 2

Students will learn fundamental steps and basic vocabulary through across the floor exercises,simple combinations and beginning freestyle.

Intermediate/Advanced, Level 3 and 4

Students will focus on body placement and proper technique and development of skills. They will also emphasize quality of movement for different styles of hip hop and learn to create their own choreography in addition to performance skills.

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