Job Training

Our Job Training programs are for future leaders, ages 14-25, interested in job skills and leadership training in dance education. Many of our participants in this program learn valuable work skills, such as resume writing, job interviewing skills, college and career placement resourcing, first aid training, and industry safety training. Participants have the opportunity to volunteer in our community outreach programs, earning those crucial volunteer hours for college entrance.

To apply for a job training program, contact us below.

Program Descriptions

Teacher Apprentice - 2-3 year training program in dance pedagogy, vocabulary, choreography, production design, progressions, and kinesiology. Completion of Academy Teen 3 or Accelerated level 4 required. Students attend a bi-monthly training class and are assigned to 1-2 weekly classes as an assistant teacher. This program can result in being hired on a part-time basis, college reference letters, and leadership opportunities.

Artists Emerging - commercial dance industry training, audition prep, master classes, with audition and performance opportunities. Students train with a former Dance Agent and industry leader, working with choreographers employing professional dancers, and learning what it really takes to break into the industry, at the right moment for maximum success. Students also train in this program for better success in earning convention and college scholarships.

Production Apprentice - 1-2 year training program in production design, stage management, lighting, sound, set and costuming. Completion of Academy Teen 3 or Accelerated level 4 required. Students have the opportunity to apply their skills into 8 shows per year, ranging in 1 show to a run of 10 shows. Work in a professional theatre or studio theatre, producing shows for audiences of 50-500.

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