Staff Positions: Part Time, benefits available. Contact Chris Sowers for details: christina@scconservatory.com

Teaching Positions: Part Time, benefits available. Contact Renee Fox-Moore for details: rcfox-moore@scconservatory.com

Coaching Positions: Part Time, benefits available. Contact Cassidy Breeze for details: cassidy@scconservatory.com

Leadership Positions: Full Time, benefits available. Contact Jena Minnick for details: jena@scconservatory.com

Every day, someone at South Coast Conservatory makes a meaningful difference in the life of a student. From our teachers in the classrooms to those who work in the office, SCC is dedicated to ensuring that our students are get the opportunity to grow stronger, smarter, and kinder through dance. There is no other organization in the world quite like South Coast Conservatory.

We are changing the way students experience dance training by leveraging the power of encouragement and artistic expression. We passionately train every student to feel included, be artistic, enjoy the beauty and strength of their bodies, and build valuable social and emotional skills. Our ambitions demand that we invest in recruiting, developing and managing a team that reflects the broad diversity of our school. Our core values of Growth and learning, open and honest communication, Team and family, Fun and uniqueness, and passionate determination are the foundation of our organization and are infused in all aspects of our work, including recruiting and retaining the best talent we can.

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