Musical Theatre Conservatory

The Musical Theatre Conservatory (MTC) program is structured for dancers who are focused on becoming a “triple threat", acting, singing and dancing. Participants in this program receive technical training with industry professionals. They will gain performance experience through our musicals and community performances with options to compete. Our musical theatre students learn how to audition and become well rounded artists.

Progression: Song & Dance (ages 5-7), Beginning Musical Theatre (Ages 7-11), Musical Theatre Conservatory (ages 7-18).

If you are interested in being a part of this energetic and unique program, please contact us!

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Song and Dance (ages 5-7)

Song and Dance is for Pre-Academy level students who want to be introduced to the basics of singing, dancing and acting skills. Students in Song and Dance learn basic Pre Jazz Dance skills, proper breath while singing, and simple projection of voice. Weekly classes teach these skills, plus putting basic movement skills to fun, uplifting songs from popular and classic musicals. Students in Song and Dance are encouraged to be enrolled in Combo classes to supplement their dance technique.

Musical Theatre (ages 8-14)

This class is designed for Academy level students who might have a bit of experience performing in their elementary school programs or talent shows. In this class, acting games are taught, projection of voice, basic vocal skills (including intervals) are taught, beginning and Level 1 Jazz Dance technique is taught, potentially using those steps in more intricate routines to popular and classic musicals. Students in Musical Theatre are encouraged to be enrolled in additional dance technique classes such as ballet or tap.

Musical Theatre Conservatory (9-14)

Students are auditioned in the summer for the following year’s program. Along with their scheduled dance classes, MTC students study acting and singing on Saturdays. Students in the program range from age 9-14, and have ample opportunity to participate as leads in several of SCC’s productions. One of the many hi-lites of being a part of the MTC program is a master class taught at Disneyland (additional cost).

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