Our Children's Musical Theatre Program in Laguna Niguel, CA is designed for those performers who desire to be "the triple threat." The department includes acting, singing and dancing techniques for all ages, and the coordination within oneself to do all three techniques successfully at once. Within each class, instruction in both historic and popular (age appropriate) musicals is taught. The end result is to have a trained performer ready to audition for Orange County School of the Arts (OCSA), or any college Musical Theatre program.


Song & Dance (ages 5-7)

Musical Theatre Academy Beginning (ages 6-14)

Musical Theatre Conservatory (ages 8-17)


Song & Dance

This class is geared for our youngest performers, ages 5-7 years. Basic rhythm, singing and dance skills along with basic understanding of the emotion that drives the song is taught.

Musical Theatre

Students should have basic dance skills and technique to progress their performance skills. More intermediate singing and acting skills are introduced so that the student will eventually be able to develop a character and perform their routine as that character.

CC Musical Theatre

Entrance by audition; this program houses our most proficient stage performers. These performers are honing in on fine tuning their skills and readying themselves to move onto higher educational Musical Theatre programs.

CC Acting

This class focuses on further honing their acting skills. It asked the student to make choices about their characters and use skills such as improv and visualization to enhance their performance.

CC Singing

This class is designed to take singers to the next level in their vocal performance. To use their basic technique and further develop. It focuses more on phrasing and how the score influences vocal choices.

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