~UDPATE, 03-19-2020

Hello SCC Family,

We hope that you are all well and staying safe. Thank you for being such an awesome family! I am so very excited with the videos that SCC students have shared on social media and the content our teachers are providing. Keep up the great work.

We will continue our school closure through April 13. During this uncharted and difficult time we are here to provide you with as much support as possible.

Current plan (now-March 30):
  1. Teachers will continue to create instructional videos and choreography.
  2. Video links will be emailed directly to enrolled students.
  3. Class choreography will continued to be distributed this way through the month of April.
Future plan (March 30-April 30):
Online instruction 
  1. Youtube 30 min classes (Live and/or pre-recorded)
  2. A Schedule of weekly online classes will be sent via email and posted on our social media.
  3. Exclusive online Classes will be "Private" and the link will be provided to enrolled students.
  4. April class tuition will be discounted 50% or a maximum of $150, whichever is lower.
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Private instruction
  1. Virtual Private lessons can be booked online, starting March 23.
  2. Virtual Private Lessons are for solos, duos, and trios.
  3. Lessons will be taught through Zoom or FaceTime (set-up individually by instructor)
  4. Private lessons are scheduled and paid through our online portal - Virtual Private Lessons have an 18% discount. Promo code "VPL"
Our dance family is very important to us and we recognize how hard this is for everyone.  Any future updates will be emailed and posted on our website and social media.
With Love,
Jena Minnick-Bull, Director
South Coast Conservatory

~UDPATE, 03-13-2020

Dear Families,

Over the past day, we have received lots of information on COVID-19. Here at SCC we have decided to do the following:

We will be closed for SCC classes, competitions, and private lessons starting today at 3:30pm. 

We postpone in-class instruction until March 30. This date is subject to change, so look for updated emails.

We will offer remote learning options. Our industry has pulled together some amazing resources to help you navigate the new "remote class" waters. We will send links to those resources soon.

Teachers will be videotaping instruction, such as exercises to do at home and choreography for our Summer Festival. Teachers will send those directly to their students in the next 2 weeks.  

Please visit our YouTube channel, starting next week, for fun tutorials that you can do at home.

We will be extending all of our classes and private lessons into the last 2 weeks of June.

We will provide more information as quickly as possible. We love our SCC families and want to keep everyone safe and healthy.
Kind regards,
Jena Minnick-Bull, Director
South Coast Conservatory
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