Darrin Blumfield

Darrin Blumfield, a world class concert pianist, will develop your child’s musical ability and showcase their creativity. Darrin follows in the tradition of classical romantic pianists, possessing astonishing technique and deep musicality. He appears throughout the United States and abroad. Trained primarily by his father, Coleman Blumfield, a student of the legendary Vladimir Horowitz, Darrin Blumfield received a bachelor’s and master’s degree from the prestigious Manhattan School of Music in New York City.

Darrin has been teaching children to play the piano for over 20 years.

Benefits of Piano Lessons

A 5 year joint study by the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the University of Southern California Brain and Creativity shows evidence of the benefits of music education for language development, speech perception and reading skills for children. 

Science has shown that when children learn to play music, their brains begin to hear and process sounds that they couldn’t otherwise hear. This helps them develop “neurophysiological distinction” between certain sounds that can aid in literacy, which can translate into improved academic results for kids.

Regular piano playing sharpens fine motor skills and improves hand-eye coordination in the young and developing. 

Lessons are offered in studio 3 of Laguna Niguel on a Steinway concert grand piano on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Recitals in May and November. Competitions and guests performances on invitation basis.  

Pricing: $65 for 30 minute private

Days & Times of Available Private lessons: Tuesday @ 130-330; 530-830, Friday @ 12-2; 330-730, Saturday @ 1230-330

Listed days/times are for studio availability. Darrin is also available for lessons in your home outside of these times.