Testimonial # 1

“Over 4 years ago we entered SCC with excitement, encouragement, and awe for the future it held. The opportunity SCC gives to every child and young adult is priceless and it is clear from the moment to step into the studio or sit in the seats at the theater for their dance recitals or shows. Everything is done with such care, impeccable detail and flawless organization....there is clearly so much heart put into every aspect of SCC! As my daughter has danced her way through the years at SCC she is constantly encouraged and challenged at every step which has led to her self-confidence and discovery of her passion, and one that you see in her eyes! Time and time again you see how amazing these instructors are and how they feed these dancers knowledge in the exact areas they need in order to be the best version of themselves while dancing. They exude a knowledge and love for dance with kindness, caring attitudes and open arms to all. There is never a day in all the years that any instructor, staff member or any other dancer does not walk through those studio doors, genuinely happy and excited to be there and it rubs off on all around. My daughter, no matter how long she dances, is always dancing right on out those doors at the end of class. A joy that is priceless. I can not begin to say enough on how amazing SCC and the SCC family is and the impact they have made on my daughter and so many others. I could not be more grateful for SCC for being a place that my little girl can grow and blossom into the best dancer and confident young lady she can be!!” - Katie M.

Testimonial # 2

“Brooklyn is 6 years old and has been dancing at SCC for almost three years. Her first class was a combo class with Ms. Ali who is the sweetest teacher we could have ever asked for! The SCC teachers are all so very patient with the dancers. While the dancers are having fun they are also learning technique, correct terminology and everything they need to know to become a successful dancer. Brooklyn absolutely loves everything about SCC, but mainly her teachers who have taught her to love dance! Dancing has given Brooklyn a huge confidence boost that will help her succeed in everything she does. Also, the productions that the studio puts on are amazing! They are so much more entertaining than a simple dance recital. Over the past nearly three years Brooklyn has become a beautiful dancer. I look forward to watching her grow with SCC in the years ahead. I would recommend South Coast Conservatory to all of my family and friends!” - Heidi P.

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