PRE-ACADEMY CLASSES (Ages 2-7) 55-minute combination dance class for ages 2-6, with skills in ballet, tap, and tumbling. 55-minute pre-level classes for ages 5-7 in Ballet, Hip Hop, Tap, Jazz, Acrobatics, and Song & Dance. VIEW CLASSES

ACADEMY CLASSES (Ages 7-17) 55-minute classes for ages 7-11 and for teens ages 12-17, in Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop, Jazz, Acrobatics, and Musical Theatre. 

BALLET - A beautiful and precise discipline that requires dedication and passion. It is often considered the foundation for all dancers to become well-rounded performers. VIEW CLASSES

TAP -  A class with tap fundamentals set to fantastic music that energizes the body and connects the musicality of percussive movement. VIEW CLASSES

HIP HOP - A combination of all hip hop styles in a fun and high energy environment with encouraging teachers and great people. VIEW CLASSES

JAZZ - A combination of traditional, Broadway, commercial and contemporary techniques in a fun, energetic atmosphere. VIEW CLASSES

ACROBATICS - An exciting discipline that incorporates balance, coordination, flexibility, and strength. Includes cartwheels, somersaults, handstands, flips, etc. VIEW CLASSES

MUSICAL THEATRE - Broadway style dance and technique along with singing and acting skills to learn to perform as a character(s) from a musical. VIEW CLASSES


BALLET -Leotard with skirt or cover pants, classical pink convertible tights, pink ballet shoes, and hair in bun.

TAP - Shirt or tank, black shorts or sweats, lace up tap shoes.

HIP HOP- Fitted shirt or tank, black shorts or sweats, sneakers, socks.

JAZZ / MUSICAL THEATRE - Leotard with black booty shorts, tan tights (optional), black laceless jazz shoes, and hair in ponytail.

ACRO - Leotard with black booty shorts, convertible tights (optional), barefoot, and hair in ponytail.



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